Dragonfly migration


Sympetrum vulgatum marked at Pape, Latvia. The red mark on the right forewing represents the site code for Pape. Marks on the other wings indicate the week in which the animal was marked.

This page is dedicated to our insect migration project at the Pape bird ringing station in Southern Latvia. The focus lies on dragonfly movements. We investigate phenology and orientation of dragonflies moving through the area. Dragonflies are also colour-marked in the hope that we can obtain recoveries of marked animals, elsewhere in Europe. Our goal is to find out more about movement direction, migration phenology, distances moved and potential migratory pathways.

PLEASE: support our project & report any marked dragonflies (try to take a photo) by indicating species, date, location and colour combination, and send the details to us by email or post Thanks!

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The project is supported by the Laboratory of Ornithology of the Institute of Biology of the University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitātes Bioloģijas institūts). We are grateful to Gunārs Pētersons and Oskars Keišs for their great support.




The location of the ornithological station in Pape, Latvia.